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Proper irrigation is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn and a healthy yard. Oasis Irrigation is the company to rely on when it comes to creating effective and reliable irrigation solutions for your property. From professional well drilling to installing sprinkler systems, we are ready to do excellent work for clients throughout Orlando, FL, so keep reading to find out more!

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Available Services

Irrigation Systems
and Repair

Irrigation Systems and Repair
Our company specializes in installing and repairing a wide variety of modern irrigation systems. Investing in quality irrigation solutions will make it easy to take care of all your plants. We're happy to help you find the right irrigations system for your property.

Sprinkler Systems
and Repair

Sprinkler Systems and Repair
Rely on us to set up an excellent sprinklers system that will keep your lawn or garden watered properly. We set up the sprinklers for optimal ground coverage. What's more, if you experience issues with your sprinkler system, we can offer effective repairs!  


Pool Pumps
A pool pump is necessary to create functional water circulation. This helps the chemicals spread evenly throughout the water and moves debris out of the pool and into the filters. Count on us to properly install quality pool pumps at fair rates!


Water Filtration
Equipping your property with a modern water filtration system is an excellent idea. This can provide you with safer drinking water or protect your appliances from the damaging effects of hard water. We can install quality filtration systems promptly! 

Regular and Shallow Water
Well Drilling

Regular and Shallow Water Well Drilling
Having an independent water source on your property can be very useful, especially if the municipal water supply doesn't reach your property. We have the equipment and specialized skills to dig shallow or deeper wells safely and very efficiently!


Landscape Lighting
Invest in beautiful landscape lighting to accentuate the best features of your landscape and make your yard much safer at night. We are happy to discuss the various landscape lighting options with our valued clients and promptly install their chosen variety.

Custom Irrigation Solutions

Investing in a high-quality irrigation system can be quite beneficial in a number of ways. Whether you have a lawn, a beautiful flower garden, or crops to take care of, proper irrigation is invaluable for their upkeep. Instead of watering by hand every evening, you can have a system set up to do this automatically at a certain time and for a specific duration. Not only will this help save you time, but it will also control the exact amount of water spent, which is highly ecologically responsible. Here at Oasis Irrigation, we enjoy working closely with our respective clients, discussing their expectations, and offering the most appropriate irrigation and sprinkler solutions.

Our Process

When our respective clients set up an appointment, we make certain that we’re punctual and respectful of their schedules. Our company has invested in a variety of cutting-edge equipment required for digging shallow wells and tools for irrigation installation processes. We work with different models of high-quality systems and use the finest, compatible parts for repairs. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

If you require the services of a qualified lawn sprinkler system contractor, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with Oasis Irrigation directly! We look forward to doing exceptional work for each of our clients in Orlando, FL. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

Apr 24, 2023
by Reed DeVault on Oasis Irrigation
Great advice

Referred by my sprinkler repairman. Was not getting any water out of my well. They advised I try to reprime the pump and talked me through the steps.That curred the problem and saved me a service call. Thanks!!

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