What Exactly Is a Drilled Well? Our Expert Water Well Drilling Contractor Explains

If you have been considering getting a well in your property in Orlando, FL, then we believe this article will be very helpful for you. Read it till the end to understand what a drilled well is and when it is recommended to get this type of system instead of the other two – dug wells and driven wells. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the expert water well drilling contractor at Oasis Irrigation for more insight.

A drilled water well consists of a hole bored into the ground, with the upper part being lined with casing. This casing prevents the collapse of the borehole walls and prevents surface contaminants from entering the water supply. The casing is also designed to provide a housing for the pumping mechanics and for pipes that move the water from the ground to the surface. When we are assigned to drill a well, we make sure to use top-quality materials as the system needs to have the strength to withstand driving without damage to the joints.

The case also has a drive shoe attached to the bottom of it to prevent damage during driving and to make a good seal. Below the casing is the intake through which water enters the custom well. The intake may be an open hole or screened and gravel-packed, depending on the conditions of the ground around your property in Orlando, FL. Once the well is drilled, it is pumped to determine the yield. Many areas might need further work after the actual water well drilling which is why our contractors always take the time to inspect every component of your system.

During the construction process, we install all additional features and systems and disinfect the area. If drilling produces poor quality water, we seal it off or fix it by installing additional casing. If the quality is still unsatisfactory, we completely seal the well to prevent cross-contamination between sites. However, we always take the time to inspect the sites we work on, so such situations never occur.

Interested in learning more about our water well drilling service? Or maybe you want to get a quote from Oasis Irrigation for another service? Whatever the situations might be, contact us at (407) 495-2952 for more details.

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