Water Well Drilling

Have you always wanted a water well? Whether you want one or need one, Oasis Irrigation is the number one water well drilling service in Orlando and the surrounding area. Before you dig or drill, make sure to get an inspection from us. We offer the best service at the best rates and have been servicing the area for many years.

There is more to digging a water well than sinking a pipe into the earth. At Oasis Irrigation, we have the experience in using the right tools and equipment for your location. Depending on where you want your well, and what you want from the well, this can be a time-consuming and costly process. This is why we make sure we know what we are drilling for and where it is. In Orlando, you won’t find a better water well drilling service. Well drilling does involve many things. It is important to know where the water is, and how to get it. There are often many layers of soil and different types of rock between the surface of the site and your water. The water table may be close to the surface or deep. The soil itself may be sandy, rocky or clay. Also, different types of rock may be found, that can effect drilling and well effectiveness. Modern drilling technology allows a water well to be narrower and deeper than in the past. With that increased depth, comes new challenges.

Do you need a well for water service?
Many times, having a good water well allows people to live in extremely rural areas. A large, productive farm may depend on its well water supply, to the extent that when the well is no longer productive, the old farm is gone. Don’t let the economy dry you up. We pay close attention to our budget, so you won’t get any surprises.

The advantages of well water over city water are worth looking at. If you live in a city water district, don’t think you cannot have a fresh well water . Well water comes directly from the water table, while the city water comes from a reservoir or lake. The city water is usually processed and often over chlorinated to prevent bacteria. Then it travels through supply lines to your home. Doesn’t it sound better to have your water comes straight from the water table? If you think it does, Oasis Irrigation is the best water well drilling service with the most affordable rates in the Orlando area. Call us now at (407) 495-2952 and learn more about our irrigations  costs and availability.